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Herman Cain

Posted on: November 9, 2011 3:39 pm
I have been mostly liberal my entire life, however the older I become, the more conservative my beliefs are. I have started to put things in perspective and examine them from a more objective point of view. However, I do not vote for a candidate solely because of their partisan ship. I try my best to look at their approaches, whether they are practical and use common sense to resolve problems, whether or not they have demonstrated integrity throughout their political career, and what their agendas are. Herman Cain seems to have a very pragmatic approach on how to resolve these issues that are ever so present in our world today. This scheme by the media to isolate each individual conservative candidate and attack him is preposterous. Even more so is how blind the public seems to be? I find it rather intriguing that these supposedly so-called victims are just now coming forward. Now, I am not particularly supporting Herman Cain, but wasn't their a similar situation when Clinton ran for President?  What if Herman Cain is innocent? It is more difficult for an innocent man to prove he is innocent than it is for another individual to say he is guilty! What evidence do these "victims" have? Now, I'm not undermining the victims of crimes like these. If Cain is guilty then there should be consequences.  I am simply asking for evidence. After all aren't we innocent until proven guilty?
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